DENSO AgriTech Solutions will provide horticultural products utilizing a wide range of technologies of DENSO developed in the automotive industry and the cutting-edge European technologies of Certhon. We will also provide next-generation horticultural products by combining technologies of both companies to meet customers’ expectations.

Control for Comfortable Climate

Climate Control Integrated Greenhouse

When starting a horticultural project, it is necessary to consider a combination of various items such as a greenhouse, climate control, cooling system, or irrigation system. We offer the most suitable combination for your cultivation as a package, including a plant factory package with integrated climate control.

Climate Control System

To improve plant growth, it is necessary to carefully and preciselly control the climate in the greenhouse. We offer a wide range of systems including DENSO’s Profarm Controller, developed based on the needs of customers in Japan utilizing automotive air conditioning technology, or Priva Connext from Priva, a leading manufacturer of climate control systems in Europe, and others. We provide support for installation from a newly built greenhouse to existing houses.

Temperature Control System

For stable management, efficient temperature control is necessary in accordance with the local weather conditions. For this, we provide temperature control system, such as spot cooling which takes running costs into account as an example of cooling systems.

Monitoring System to Realize Safe Cultivation Management

Real-time monitoring is efficient for customers to check the status of their greenhouse climate. The combination of highly accurate and durable sensors and cloud services makes it easy and reliable to start cultivation management. It can detect signs of disease at an early stage and minimize the risk.

  • Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Process Design for High Productivity

In order to aim for a highly productive farm, it is important to consider overall image from the design stage to actual operation. We offer support to create a highly efficient farm by designing the layout considering the overall flow, or not only production but also including solutions for shipment, by proposing easy-to-use tools and management tools.

  • Shipping (Tomato Packing Line)

  • Harvesting Cart (Easy Replacement of Boxes)

  • Farm Operating System (Tablet for Operation Instruction)

Automation through Human-Machine Collaboration

For agricultural production with current conditions of labor shortage, automation by collaboration of human and machines will be required. Based on the automation technology we have developed at our manufacturing plants, we propose appropriate automation tailored to the needs of our customers’ farms and assist to create worker friendly climate.

  • Harvest Robot – FARO

  • Automatic Transport System

  • Moving Gutter System

For Future

In order to solve global social issues, DENSO and Certhon are aiming to innovate horticulture by conducting daily research in our own experiment farm and research centers. We will deliver next-generation horticulture products born at our site globally.

  • DENSO PoC Greenhouse (Aichi)

  • Certhon Innovation Center (Netherlands)

  • AgriD – Next-generation Horticulture (Mie)

“ProFarm T-Cube” is registered trademark of DENSO corporation in Japan